MINING REVIEW AFRICA: EXCLUSIVE - Gabon the sweet spot for greener iron ore

‘If you want to be in the iron ore business, look no further than Australia’: this is one mining myth that will soon be put to bed. Africa’s Gabon hosts a huge abundance of the metal and unlike other parts of Africa, has the logistics infrastructure needed to ensure end-users have access to it.

This is of course particularly important to juniors who may not have the cash reserves to fund this project-making requirement. Enter ASX-listed Genmin – a company that has claimed stake to a large-scale, iron ore rich tenement in Gabon, and has little to contend with besides bringing its primary asset into production within the next two or three years, MD and CEO JOE ARITI tells LAURA CORNISH, editor in chief of Mining Review Africa.

To download a PDF of the article, please click here, or you can visit Mining Review Africa to read it online.

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