Research Report: MST ACCESS - US$10m Royalty Agreement with Anglo – Vote of Confidence, Funding Solution

We are pleased to inform our shareholders that MST Access has published a follow up in-depth research report on Genmin Limited (ASX: GEN) with a risked valuation of A$0.65 per share (previously A$0.62). The key to MST's risked A$0.65 valuation is the successful development of Baniaka. Spot valuation is A$0.98.

MST Access employs a team of seasoned analysts providing high-quality sector and issuer-sponsored equity research. This report is authored by Senior Research Analyst, Michael Bentley CFA, who has over 20 years’ involvement in equity markets as a portfolio manager and analyst in large and boutique fund managers, with a focus on mining and energy stocks.

Access the full report here.

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