ESG is part of our DNA. It underpins our values of being pioneering, equitable and transparent.

Our vision is to lead an equity-driven, environmentally conscious approach to iron ore mining in Africa. We are working to deliver a Tier 1 iron ore asset in Gabon, producing low carbon, high value-in-use raw material that assists steelmakers and their customers to transition to a greener economy.

ESG is integrated throughout our business and supported by clear policies, procedures and relevant committees of the Board.

We recognise the shift in mind set of stakeholders, shareholders, governments and financiers around the world to implement, measure and report ESG within their businesses.

Digbee ESGTM certification

We achieved ESG certification by London based Digbee ESGTM in June 2023, at corporate and project level for our flagship Baniaka iron ore project in Gabon.

Our inaugural ESG disclosure assessment included completion of comprehensive board level corporate and project questionnaires, supported by data and evidence, which are mapped to Global Standards and assessed by relevant ESG specialists.

Digbee is the only ESG disclosure, ratings and communications platform designed specifically for the mining sector – developed in consultation with and endorsed by Tier 1 financial organisations. It is used by mining companies around the world to annually disclose their ESG activities, obtain a credible rating and communicate their ESG efforts to all stakeholders.

Certification is awarded to mining companies that have satisfactorily disclosed their ESG activities at both corporate and project level to an independent and impartial assessment by ESG specialists thus demonstrating a serious commitment and internal culture geared towards ESG.

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