We are working to sustainably produce a suite of greener, higher value iron ore products from Baniaka that are recognised internationally through brand identification. Our genuine commitment to implementing eco-friendly, energy efficient and cleaner production technologies in the iron ore value chain is well aligned with the global steel making industry’s decarbonisation strategy.

Genmin has secured a long-term agreement to power Baniaka with green renewable hydropower from the Grand Poubara Hydropower Station located on the Ogooué River, approximately 35km north-east of the project. By utilising renewable energy to power Gabon's first large-scale iron ore mine, we will reduce carbon emissions in iron making.

Baniaka's iron ore products are high iron, low silica and alumina products, with very low levels of other deleterious elements and alkali metals. Metallurgically, Baniaka Fines not only deliver high iron grades and low deleterious elements but improve Sintering efficiency with a 12.5% increase in productivity and 8.6% lower solid fuel consumption when substituting for some Australian Fines and Brazilian Fines currently used in Sinter feed blends. Baniaka Fines are expected to command a considerable (up to 17%) price premium in the market resulting from its superior value-in-use qualities as verified by independent testwork.

To create market awareness, we defined and trademarked Baniaka Green® to build a brand that conveys the greener nature of all our iron ore products sourced from Baniaka.

This registered trademark provides a mark of distinction and will make it easier for our customers and the iron ore market generally to identify with our products.

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